Model timbertube

The conventional design - however, not exactly.

  • perfection all round
  • lexible usage
  • different kinds of wood


…have their own dynamics. With modern steel-wood constructions the proportion of steel concentrates on small spots.With the TimberTube there is a little part of steel in the area of the plinth which bears the small wooden base and is convered by generous jut outs.

Appealing detail

A surface that gets lower in the back has the advantage of rainfall or snow sliding off to all sides and offers a pleasing design. There are no signs of restriction of the usage as the entrance is slightly higher in the front.

Vertical cross section

There is enough space due to the widening shape and the ideal position of the floor. Portholes serve as sources of light and fit the design perfectly. The bull's eye's give a attractive appearance.

In Love with Details - thought of, planned, tested and patented.

Model TimberTube

round, flexible usage.


Model TimberGon

edgy, practival, brilliant


Model TimberPod

even bigger and more versatile.



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